In-House Training
One of the greatest challenges in the RecordsInformation Management world is keeping pace with changes in laws, technology and best practices, and spreading this knowledge across the organization.  KCI educational seminars and training courses are the most effective way to bring this critical knowledge into your organization. With a wide range of topics covering everything from the core principles of Records Information Management to the risks and rewards of the latest e-signature technology, KCI's highly-acclaimed education and training services are customized to your organization's needs.

Records Management attendee:

"Bravo.  Somebody in the real world who understands the daily challenge of working in Records Management.  Ideas and suggestions that can be brought forward to upper management with sound and supportive documentation and reasoning."

Corporate Counselor attendee:

"I found your presentation to be very informative, helpful, thought provoking and something that other attorneys in our company could benefit from."

Information Systems Audit & Control attendee:

"Thank you for one of the more interesting presentations I've seen in the past 5-10 years (and I attend 20+ meetings per year)."

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