The explosive growth of unmanaged unstructured content creates business, legal, and compliance challenges and burdens the organization with myriad unnecessary costs. Much of the data falls into a non-record or convenience copy category, with a small percentage of data typically constituting 'records'.  In addition there may be another subset of the data that is subject to ‘legal hold' or privacy requirements, which must be preserved and/or tightly managed.  Unfortunately, most organizations rely on employee action to clean-up the data which means they must understand and follow various organizational policies and spend significant time to place content into the right categories.  If employees actually undertake the activity, it is done inconsistent and in any event takes time away from their core activities.  Inevitably over-retention of the data results; exponential growth quickly turns this into a very complex problem.

KCI has developed a solution which marries our expertise in information management and development of records retention rules with machine processing, which allows legacy unstructured data to be classified in accordance with your policy by a computer with no employee involvement.  We develop knowledge models which represent the examples of information belonging to a content category and use our Knowledge Illuminator™ platform with proven system-driven classification techniques to assign retention attributes to all content.  We also vet data for legal hold requirements. Our service offering allows for the defensible disposition of content that has met its period of retention and is not needed for a lawsuit.    The business case for performing legacy cleanup is clear—current infrastructure costs, manual cleanup and reduction in e-discovery costs all militate in favor of harnessing innovative technology to manage an ever increasing volume of information.  Our approach will allow you to defensibly identify and dispose of data based on your policies and also improve the relevancy of content meeting hold requirements.  KCI can help you prepare the business case based on your situation and demonstrate how our methods and Knowledge Illuminator™ platform can help solve your legacy data problem.

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