When an organization is notified of an investigation, audit, or legal proceedings, its Records Management obligations may change. Determining these changing obligations can be complex and failure to address these obligations can have disastrous results.  To assist organizations with Legal Discovery Response requirements, KCI provides the following services:

Legal Hold and Preservation Strategies:    KCI works with companies to develop legal hold policies, procedures and templated notices, as well as to develop guidelines for communicating the legal hold within the organization, and strategies to preserve properly and to enforce compliance. 

ESI Data Map – To respond to litigation and properly preserve relevant information, organizations must know where their data and information is stored.  An ESI Data Map is a roadmap, which provides the details of where, how and when data and information is currently or was historically kept at the organization.  An ESI Data Map allows an organization to quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of potentially relevant information and therefore, assists with preservation of potentially responsive information.   

30(b)(6) Witness Preparation:    The designated 30(b)(6) witness is required to testify on behalf of organization on “matters known or reasonably available to the organization.”  Acquiring this “institutional knowledge” about the core subject of the deposition takes preparation.  KCI can assist in proactively preparing for a 30(b)(6) deposition in the areas of information and records management and compliance.

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