The Information Explosion:
  How Organizations Are Dealing With It

The Council for Information Auto Classification(CIAC), in association with Kahn Consulting, Inc.; Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA); ARMA International; TechTarget; BNA Digital Discovery and e-Evidence; Enterprise Strategy Group; and in sponsorship with Dell and HP have conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by organizations confronted with the growth and proliferation of information, and to identify attitudes toward implementing technology solutions to automate filtering, classification, management and/or disposition of information.

Release date: October 20, 2011
View the results of the The Information Explosion: How Organizations Are Dealing With It..

  GRC, E-Discovery, and RIM: State of the Industry

Kahn Consulting, Inc., in conjunction with ARMA International, BNA Digital Discovery and E-Evidence, Business Trends Quarterly, and the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, surveyed over 400 organizations in fall 2008 to gain an industry perspective on:

  • Maturity of programs in the areas of GRC, E-Discovery, and RIM
  • Major challenges that organizations face in each area
  • Industry views on the relationship between the three areas

Release date: September 16, 2008
View the results of the GRC, E-Discovery, and RIM: State of the Industry Survey.

  GRC, E-Discovery, and RIM:
  State of the Industry Survey Charts

As a service to the Information Management community, Kahn Consulting has provided several charts and graphs derived from the survey. You may download and use these charts in your own presentations and materials, provided that the images are used in the same form as they are provided here, with the proper attributions intact.

Click on the links below to view the charts. To save them to your computer, right click on the individual links and select "save picture as" or the equivalent in your web browser.

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