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Kahn Consulting articles discuss the latest legal and technical issues affecting Records Information Management.

Economic Espionage in 2017 and Beyond

Kahn Consulting Inc. May 2017

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Law’s Great Leap Forward: How Law Found a Way to Keep Pace with Disruptive Technological Change

Kahn Consulting Inc. November 2016

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When Information Security Became a Lawyer’s Thang

Kahn Consulting Inc. September 2017

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  Electronic Records and Information Management

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Kahn Consulting Inc. June 2013

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Can The CIO Tame the Information Beast?

CIO Review December 2013

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Skills for Building Success in the Electronic Business Environment

ARMA Information Management Journal September / October 2008

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Eight Steps for Keeping InformationManagement and E-Discovery on Target

The Information Management Journal May/June 2008

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The Risk-Cost Retention Model: A New Approach to Records Retention

ARMA Information Management Journal May/June 2006

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Sarbanes-Oxley: IT pros may not like it, but they still need to comply

Excerpt from Information Nation Warrior on TechRepublic, August 2005

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AWARD WINNER. Stand & Deliver

ARMA Information Management Journal May/June 2005

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An Enterprise Content Management Primer

ARMA Information Management Journal September/October 2004

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A New Privacy-Centric Business Imperative

e-Doc Magazine Column, January/February 2004

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Email Technology for Every Business Need

e-Doc Magazine Column, July/August 2003

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Beyond HIPAA: The Complexities of Electronic Records Management

Reprint from Journal of AHIMA 74, no.4 (April 2003): 31-36

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When The Context of Information Became King: Managing Logical Connections Between Company Records Has Become as Important as the Content Itself

e-Doc Magazine Expert's Corner Column, February 2003

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A Compliant Information Management Program - The Best Gift of All

e-Doc Magazine Expert's Corner Column, December 2002

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Didn't Invent Penalties For Destruction of Evidence, But It Did Perfect Them

e-Doc Magazine Expert's Corner Column, November 2002

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Carpe Diem: Records Management Does Not Get Any Sexier

e-Doc Magazine Expert's Corner Column, October 2002

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What is a Record? The Most Important Definition in Information Management

e-Doc Magazine, September 2002

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Electronic-Records Retention: Managing Messaging Technology is IT's Problem

Reprint from Wall Street & Technology, September 2002

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Managing Information in the Electronic Age: A Lawyer's Guide to Digital Information Life Cycle Management

Reprint from the Federal Lawyer, July 2002

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The Governance of Records Management

Reprint from Directors & Boards, Spring 2002

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From Mount Sinai to Cyberspace: Making good e-Business records

Reprint from The American Bar Association's Business Lawyer (November 2001 Volume 57, Number 1)

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Corralling Electronic Information: Does your company need a rancher?

Originally published in: AIIM's e-doc magazine (September-October 2000)

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Making Your Technologist an Electronic Record Builder

Originally published in: AIIM's e-doc magazine (November-December 2001)

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AWARD WINNER. Records Management and Compliance: Making the Connection

ARMA Information Management Journal May/June 2004

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  Electronic Signatures & Legislation

The Evolution of E-Forms and E-SIGN (Presentation)

Originally presented to the Business Forms Management Association at their annual conference in May, 2002.

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The E-Sign Act: What will it mean for e-commerce?

Originally published in: AIIM's e-doc magazine (July-August 2000)

Available at the website - Download 90KB PDF

Addressing the Risks of the New Legal Landscape

Originally published in: KM World Magazine (June 1999) - View at publisher's website

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Responding to the New Legal Landscape Created by Technology

Originally published in: The American Bar Association's The Corporate Counselor (February 1999, Volume 3, Number 1)

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