Document management, enterprise content management, auto-classification, legal hold management tools, enterprise search tools, archiving platforms, SharePoint, collaboration tools, e-discovery processing - the types of software in the records information management world seem to be endless.   Narrowing down the search for technology that meets your company’s needs and requirements can be overwhelming.   But, KCI can assist.

Working in records information management world, we are familiar with these numerous types of software. To assist company’s in technology selection, KCI can develop requirements based upon your company's needs, and evaluate software against these requirements. Our consultants provide independent and agnostic evaluations with the only goal being to match your company’s needs and requirements with the software capabilities.

KCI Technology Selection advisory include:
Matching technology solutions with your organization’s needs and requirements
Assessing the legal and regulatory environment for implementing new technology
Assessing overall risk in implementing new technology
Determining the value-added to your organization through implementation of software or technology

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