Product Evaluation & Whitepapers
KCI helps technology companies develop their products by providing consultative services to provide better understanding of the legal, regulatory, and best practice aspects of a product or service.  
Our services include:
Product or Service Advisory:   Building a successful product or service requires a technology company to understand the problem that the product or service seeks to resolve.   KCI can be a power partner to developers in the information management technology space by providing insight and guidance on records and information management compliance, best practices, and identifying problems requiring solution. 

Product or Service Evaluation:  Once developed, KCI can evaluate your product or service and prepare a customized whitepaper or other review to discuss the legal regulatory context for and best practices of your product or service.  Evaluations are prepared following a comprehensive review of the product or service and its target market. 

Product Marketing:  KCI can also help to educate your sales, marketing and other departments on the key issues and benefits of your product or service in the records and information management world.

Whitepapers:  KCI can develop whitepapers to describe an aspect of the legal or regulatory environment which your product seeks to address. 

Evaluations:  The evaluation can be crafted to highlight the competitive advantages of your product.

Webinar & Seminar for Marketing
To demonstrate your company's understanding of the problems and issues being faced in the information and records management world and to educate this marketplace on the solutions provided by your product or service, a webinar or seminar can be a powerful marketing tool. On your company’s behalf, KCI, through its high-acclaimed and sought after speakers, can develop and present webinars or seminars to your target market in a manner that focuses on education but appropriately highlights your product/service as the solution to the problem in the records and information management space. 

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