A major utility company engaged KCI to evaluate and bolster its information management environment against compliance and regulatory criteria. Thereafter, we developed new information management policies and an enterprise-wise records retention schedule. To ensure success and sustainability of the project, we provided on-going advisory services in connection with implementation of the new policies and retention schedule so that they could have any of the KCI consultants involvement any time, as needed throughout the project.  They used our services with an eye toward savings on consulting fees but still getting our involvement to steward the initiative.

Within two years of undertaking the project, the company experienced not only enhanced compliance and reduced risk but huge business process improvements as well. For their efforts the Records Management Program, was awarded the Business Process Improvement Award, the only such award given out each year.In addition to IT savings and enhancements to the electronic discovery process, new communication channels between business units were established, resulting in higher levels of collaboration throughout the enterprise and better knowledge management across business units.  

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